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Over the course of an hour, En `coda leads the listener through a unique and extraordinary whole-of-body musical journey. 

What makes this event really unique is we will have neuroscience hub. Measuring select participants to establish the physiological impact of this kind experience.


Data for this project will be collected using the latest in “high-tech” hardware and software measuring a range of physiological markers including EEG (brainwave activity) and ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) measures including Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Respiratory Rate (RR), Muscle Tension (EMG) and Body Temperature.

Prepare for the unexpected.

Expect the possibility of the unknown.



"I couldn't believe the impact it had on my body and mind - Amazing I will be at the next one" - participant.

​​En`coda is a 14 time internationally award winning film and symphony orchestra 'therapeutic' experience. Forging research and a path in developing and quantifying the therapeutic use of this music for specific conditions such as trauma, mental wellbeing, stress and anxiety.


En`coda is an immersive musical and sensory experience presented by Creative Director and Composer Tenille Bentley, Musical Director Mark Coughlan and Composer Stuart James. 

"I was completely transformed, and it lasted for days" - participant.


Influenced by the fusion of ancient sound healing traditions and the world of the classical symphony, En`coda presents a deep listening musical experience.

This unique orchestra blends of the rich sonority classical strings with the exotic colour of traditional instruments and enchanting vocal lines.

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Bring The Experience Home
Internationally Award Winning Film
Now Showing on SBS Australia

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