Creative Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The collection of artistry, expertise and passion in this group is what will make this event unlike anything you've experienced. A creative project of passionate artists, directors, producers, that are all curious about the impact of sound and frequency. Our team is elite, eclectic, creative and change makers in the world.

Tenille Bentley Creative Director & Frequency Musician


Creative Director & En`coda Frequency Musician

Tenille Bentley is, an internationally award winning woman, receiving awards recognised by the Prime Minister called The Australian Leadership Award and being picked by The Australian Financial Review as one of the top 100 Women of Influence.

The Governor inducted her into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame, then she became a finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year.

Tenille’s collective works as a frequency musician have reached the global stages in unique art projects at Nuit Blanche Paris – Museum of Modern Art of Paris & The Palais de Tokyo Museum Square and Techism Exhibitions in Florida as it continues to make its way around the globe and into the top corporate boardrooms that she once stood as a very different identity.

She uses the science of frequency through her instruments, in her beautiful vocal toning and latticing integrating with technology. She uses the infusions of sound, but not any sound, science-based frequencies that are shown to impact at a subatomic level. Within 20 minutes of this work her audiences brain wave activity can drop into delta and theta state where they will experience the decrease of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

Stuart James Orchestral Composer


Orchestral Composer

Stuart is a Head Lecturer in the Composition and Music Technology program at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Stuart is a Western Australian-based composer, performer, sound designer, audio engineer, and producer. His compositional work explores both acoustic and electronic instruments, and he has been commissioned to write compositions by the ABC, Decibel Ensemble, Tetrafide Ensemble, the WASO New Music Ensemble, percussionist Louise Devenish, and visual artist Erin Coates.


Stuart's work has also been performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and Michael Kieran Harvey, and his work has been released on Tall Poppies. Stuart won the state finals of the ASME young composers’ competition, won the Dorothy Ransom composition prize, and has also been nominated for Australian Music Centre Awards for his percussion pieces Temperaments and Kinabuhi | Kamatayon.


Stuart has been a founding member of the Decibel ensemble, and has performed as part of this ensemble throughout Europe and Asia.


Stuart also manages and operates a commercial recording studio, and has recorded and mixed national and international artists including ShockOne, Kele Okereke, JMSN, Ta-ku, Loston, Jaime Page, and others. Stuart also completed his doctorate for research in spatial audio, spectral synthesis, and wave terrain synthesis, and has continued to publish regularly on music technology.



En`coda Frequency Musician

January is a globally recognised healer for people with chronic illness and multi-instrumental frequency musician. She has healed herself from debilitating illness that modern medicine couldn’t support, using healing foods and sound therapies and continues to support people around the world with 'mystery' illness to bring them back to health.


She has a deep love for world cultures creating her unique blend of her earthly sounds driven from the roots of her island home and has performed on the world stages with highly regarded artists.

Mark Coughlan Musical Director & Conductor


Musical Director & Conductor

Mark is a senior business leader with a range of experiences at Director and CEO level in the Cultural and Healthcare sectors.

Three-time finalist for West Australian of the Year in the Arts and Culture category.

Mark Coughlan is a concert pianist, conductor, music critic, teacher, concert promoter and company director. He grew up in Perth and studied music at the University of Western Australia before moving to London where he lived and worked for several years. He returned to Australia to become Head of the Music Faculty at UWA and since this time has held leadership roles at state and national levels in the performing arts and higher education sectors.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Musica Viva Australia and was Federal Chairman of the Australian Music Examinations Board, Australia’s largest music examination and publishing company. Mark has also been Chairman of the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference and was Head of the School of Music at the University of Western Australia for eight years.

Julian Silburn Didjeridu Healer


En`coda Frequency Musician

Julian is a didjeridu healer, performer and teacher with a passionate interest in Aboriginal culture and music.


Julian has been taught by a number of Yolngu elders in Arnhemland and Noongar elders in Western Australia.


Having collaborated with them musically and culturally over many years, he has their blessing and approval for using the didjeridu in his healing, performance and teaching work.


In all these activities, he aims to respectfully impart the spirit of what he was taught and to connect people with nature through various rhythms, songs and nature calls.


En`coda Orchestra

14 Piece String Symphony Orchestra

The orchestra consists of the following strings all tuned to 432hz.

The First Violins consist of 4 musicians, followed by a talented line up of 4 Second Violins. 

Within the next section we have 2 Viola's, Cellos and Double Bass.

Each performance we will list out in the program the names of all artists in the symphony.