The En`coda Ensemble

An incredible experience with key artists from En`coda Symphony Orchestra

WA Museum & Modern People proudly present The En`coda Ensemble, well known from the En`coda Symphony Orchestra Experience and the international award winning En`coda film.


Described as a deep listening experience with this 5 piece ensemble, you will be guided over the course of one hour through an immersive musical and sensory experience leading the listener through a unique and extraordinary whole-of-body therapeutic experience.


Experience ethnological sounds that will galvanise the spirit and sweep you away into another world.



Tenille Bentley -  lead vocals, bowls and shrutibox

January Kultura - native drums, guitar and vocals

Julian Silburn - crystal didjeridu, han pan and vocals

Camille Lalanne – lead cello

Emani Lea – percussion, marimba and vocals


Please bring your own yoga mat and cushions (some chairs will be available at the back of the room upon request)


Seats will be limited. So please get your ticket before we sell out. Last performance sold out fast.


This event is strictly an alcohol and drug free, family friendly event.

Tickets $55 per person (all ages)

The Power Of Sound Event At West Australian Museum with Modern People Global.