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En`coda Award Winning Film Launches on SBS National Broadcast TV - Boxing Day 2022

The team at En’coda Symphony Orchestra 432hz is excited to announce that our 14 time award winning film will officially be launched on the national broadcast station SBS (Australia Wide)

When: Boxing Day - 26th December 2022

Time: 2pm

Watch the Trailer Here

After all the festivities this is a wonderful way to relax and bring the therapeutic benefits in the comfort of your own home!

Then after this launch date it is available on sbs on demand for you to revisit and enjoy at home. Use it as a regular self care routine.

We have many people around the world using this great therapeutic musical experience for anxiety, stress, trauma, mental health and general wellbeing. In fact aPsychotherapy team in the UK have been having mind blowing results with their trauma patients, stating it has had more cut through than any other therapeutic tool they have used.

Get a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience at home with the En’coda experience.

Congratulations to the entire team for creating such a fantastic and unique production.

Thanks to our film team from Sideb Films. Your artistry and professionalism is second to none. We love you 😘

Make sure you tune in on Boxing Day to watch this award winning production ❤️ and if you are tuning in tag us on socials @encodasymphony (instagram) or @tenillebentley (facebook) we would love to see who around Australia is watching it.

Aaaand....we have more big announcements coming soon! hint *Sydney and Melbourne Concerts!!* Well that was more than a hint...

Watch this space for our next announcement of our tour dates for 2023.

With Love

The En`coda Team

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