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432hz Deep Listening Experience

There are two versions available. Below is the live symphony orchestra version and the second is a studio recorded album just of the songs. Both have a different listening experience and very relaxing.




En`coda is a deep listening experience. An immersive journey into sound and frequency.

This is the fusion of worlds. We are strings meet the sounds of a world tune to 432Hz.

Influenced by the fusion of ancient sound healing traditions and the world of classical music, En`coda presents a meditative musical experience.

This unique album blends the rich sonority and enchanting vocals of Tenille Bentley, leading the listener through a unique whole of body musical journey.



Tenille Bentley - Creative Director, lead vocals, shrutibox, bowls and flutes
January Kultura - Native drum (One Cry)
Julian Silburn - Crystal Didjeridu (One Cry & Delicate Warrior)
Mark Coughlan - Conductor & Musical Director

Stuart James - Orchestral Composition
Soundfield Studios - Production

SideB Films - Film & Audio (Dom Giorgi, Joe Branco & Tim Halligan)



WHY 432hz?


In the world of sound therapy Tenille Bentley uses the 432 Hz frequency to aid in relaxation, wellbeing and support a deeper meditative experience.


When we typically listen to music, it is normally in the frequency of 440 Hz.


So, when we listen to music on the radio or we listen to instruments, most of the time they are tuned to this frequency.


But what does it mean by frequency?


Frequency is the oscillation of the wave meaning how many cycles per second in that wave and when that wave hits our ears, we hear or often feel it, in that specific frequency.


When we explore the world of 432Hz we are bringing the frequency or the oscillation of the wave down into a slower activity, meaning that cycles per second is only 432 instead of 440. The theory behind this is that it is flatter and slower than what we are normally listening to every day.


When this becomes the dominant frequency in the room our cells (which are vibrating at their own rate), begin to mimic the dominant frequency in the room.


This is often done through entrainment as well as the mirror neurons in the brain. When our cells begin to mimic this frequency, it is said to aid in deeper relaxation and a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol.


Frequency and music is often used now in todays modern medicine, through brain trauma injuries, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, dementia and many more therapeutic activities.


432 is said to be the mathematical equation of our earth. There are many benefits experienced from this frequency and it is said to be in harmony with our bodies.


432 harmonics have been found all over ancient texts and ancient sites.


Water memory and structured waters are done with 432hz.


728hz is the universal life frequency and was identified by Dr Royal Raymond Rife as being the most beneficial and healing of all the frequencies. 728hz is also a natural harmonic of 432hz which means you get the benefit of both of these powerful frequencies.


This event is the beginning of the exploration of this particular kind of listening experience where we begin to measure what is happening to the brain, heart rate and breath rate in our Neuroscience Hub with a select few research participants.


The result….watch this space.

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